Pellets obtained from vegetal waste- organic, crude, cheap fuel, support for the local economy!

About pellets

Pellets are packed into bags of 15 kg or big bags and have an average diameter of 6 mm and a height fluctuating between 4 and 15 mm. The price for pellet based heating is 59% lower than the price for heating based on oil products and 43% lower than the price for electricity.

Pellets – organic energy

The amount of carbon dioxide released by burning these pellets is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide consumed by the living plant during its life-cycle and it is also lower than that of traditional wood based heating boilers, so this heating system is not conducive to global warming, since it reduces the emissions of greenhouse gas.

Why use pellets?

When heating your home or other spaces with pellets you will achieve savings between 30 % and 50%, in comparison with natural gas. Considering the small amount of ash resulting from the combustion of pellets as well as the fact that using pellets allows you to become independent from fossil fuels, you will find you must choose this innovative organic fuel.